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Everyday we have an opportunity to define who we are going to be, how we will present ourselves to the world, and in turn how the world will react to us. If you wake up every morning trying on a million different outfits before leaving for the day, you are not alone. Perhaps you’re in need of a few new and trendy pieces, or maybe you’re missing those key wardrobe staples that will take your style to the next level. Whatever it is, I’m here to help; get in touch to see what I can do for you today.


About Me

I’ve always had a passion and love for fashion. While I have held many different roles in the retail industry, my favorite part about working in fashion is helping people feel more confident and stylish along the way. I started Shining Rays in 2000 with the goal of helping people look and feel their best. I am here to provide expert advice to help you attain a well rounded, stylish, and professional wardrobe. Learn more about what I can do for your personal style today.

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